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We’re excited to announce our latest social collaboration with Black Girl Knit Club (BGKC).

Black Girl Knit Club is a knitwear collective based in East London started by friends Sicgmone & Vea.

BGKC was created in January 2019 after Sicgmone & Vea realised that there wasn’t a safe space for women who looked like them in the craft industry and wanted to change that narrative, thus Black Girl Knit Club was born.

BGKC: Illustration by Line & Honey

BGKC: Sicgmone Kludje & Vea Koranteng

Our aim is to create an inclusive space for black women and women of colour to gather, unite, and inspire each other through the confidence of encouraging hand knitting skills and in turn create a learning platform that highlights the importance of creativity in our community. In addition our hope is to empower the next generation especially in our community by hosting monthly workshops, talks and collaborating with other British owned small businesses.
Sicgmone Kludje & Vea Koranteng

At KORLEKIE, we want to build a brand that supports and pioneers such stories from brands such as BGKC and in the summer of 2021, decided to connect on a project using the African Wax print yarns produced by BGKC.

Photographer – Kingsley Art

Peacock of ademe (Gold)

Peacock of ademe (blue)

With the yarns, KORLEKIE was able to create unique products, a rendition of our most popular styles, the Tank Top and Bustier, and hopes to sell the pieces that pay homage to our western African heritage and unique diverse voice.

Tank Top Bustier

Tank Top Bustier

Tank Top Bustier

The Tank top modelled: Photography by Lorraine Omoruyi

The Tank top modelled: Photography by Lorraine Omoruyi

You can purchase the collection here.

To find out more about Black Girl Knit Club visit their website –

7 January 2022

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