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n pioneering our heritage, KORLEKIE worked with the Nubuke Foundation, Ghana in cultivating the visual art and culture of Ghana through traditional heritage textile techniques such as kente weaving.

An original Kente pattern design “Kyemfere”

An original Kente pattern design “Nkyinkyim”

Test colour-way strips from Nubuke for Korlekie

Kente is one of the traditional fabrics of Ghana, weaved by artisans who have specially schooled in the art of the heritage weave made on large manual looms.

Image courtesy of Nubuke Foundation. Kente weaver at work

Image courtesy of Nubuke Foundation. Kente cloth

Kente weavers consulting with Nubuke for KORLEKIE

Kente fabrics are created using cotton and satin rayon threads, which gives the Kente its beautiful lustre.

From the collaboration with Nubuke, we created two beautiful crop cocoon style jackets, products we hope to continue in the near future in support of the foundation. Stay tuned.

To learn more about Nubuke Foundation visit their website:

Kente for KORLEKIE in progress

“Blue” colour way Kente

“Red” colour way Kente

Finished Kente jackets

5 January 2022

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